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Website Design

Design is represented in many different perspectives, whether it is physical or digital.  Kat Kelly Designs can help you create a digital space for your business and provide you with customized options based on your needs.  

​Benefits of Having a Website:

  • gives your business access to potential customers (not having a website costs small businesses 60-70% of potential customers)

  • makes you business appear more professional

  • get quicker referrals

  • customers are always able to find you and contact you

  • simplest way to exchange information

  • builds credibility and trust

  • build your brand and tell your story

  • promote your products and brick-and-mortar locations

  • list awards, review and testimonials

  • expand your customer base/audience and increase your visibility 

  • develop a mailing list

  • create new selling opportunities 

  • more informed customers 

Source: Linked In: 30 Essential Benefits of Having a Website for Your Business

Kat Kelly Designs uses Wix to create all designs.  Wix has various pricing plans and options based on your needs.  We will review these options with you to determine what is best for your business.  Wix fees are paid directly to Wix.  The services provided by Kat Kelly Designs are separate from Wix fees. 

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