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Image by Francesca Tosolini

Staging Consultation

Today's real estate market can be challenging.  Working with a good realtor who will market your home is key. Very often, realtors work with a professional Interior Designer or home Stager to help sell a home more quickly and at the greatest value. 

Home Staging is a very detailed discussion, advice and review of what needs to be done to the property before it is listed, to help ensure the best possible price.  The goal of a staging consultation is to improve a home's appearance in order to maximize marketability.  

A Staging Consultation Report is provided to the home owner and Real Estate Agent which lists photos of the property and detailed recommendations.


Decorated Bedroom

First Impressions

Many buyers have trouble envisioning a warm home when looking at a vacant property, therefore, staging a vacant home adds appeal and warmth to empty spaces and helps a potential buyer fall in love with your house.

Kat Kelly Designs provides stylish furniture to help buyers see the home's full potential and true room sizes. Concentrating on the main impact areas: living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms. 

"An investment in a staging consultation or staging a vacant home, is less expensive than a price reduction on the home's listing.  Investing in staging can be the difference between a home selling in weeks versus several months."

-Kat Kelly

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