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Before & After

From 1994 to 2020

“A kitchen is one of the most important rooms of any doesn't have to be elaborate, it's all about simplicity and significance."

-Kat Kelly

Charming & Elegant

“My room was outdated and needed a ton of work.  We had ideas but didn't know how to implement them.  Kat, with her amazing skills, brought our ideas to life and added a few special details of her own. The decor is my style because Kat took the time to get to know us! She will always be my go-to person."


White & Sleek

"I love the way this kitchen turned out.  What a transformation.  It's also so much for functional now!"

-Kat Kelly

Backsplash Beautification

"My kitchen was so dark and cold before, now it feels warm and welcoming with a farmhouse feel, I love it!"



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